Muhammad Ali Lakhani

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani is an entrepreneur with so many qualities. He is a certified sailor, a shipping industry professional, and a techie. He got inspiration from his father who was also a multi talented guy in his early years. He got his passion in tennis and the shipping industry in his DNA. His father owns a ship recycling business. He lived in the UK, the UAE, and the US during his teen years. Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani finally got settled to the UAE since the last seven years after achieving his goals in the US and the UK.

His Early Years and Professional Career

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai also had glorious childhood years when he proven his abilities in tennis. Mr. Tahir Lakhani has always had his back and encouraged him to follow his passion in tennis. He always stood by his son to nurture and improve his skills.

Hence, Mr. Ali Lakhani Shipping focused on both studies and rigorous training and found balance between his student and professional lives. It is somewhat next to impossible for many people. Meanwhile, Ali played at international level and was honored to represent the UAE National Team. He further developed his skills at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in the US. He met an unfortunate accident and his circumstances were not in his favor. He didn’t want to leave his career but he was forced to do so. Instead of losing hope forever, he moved on to make shipping his professional career.

Finally, he came out of his midlife crisis and became the leading entrepreneur. He learnt that experience and education are two virtues that kept him ahead. To pursue his career and education, he joined Maritime Business & Law to complete his graduation. Before joining his family business, he gained immense experience in top multinational companies in London.

His Hobbies

Muhammad Ali Lakhani Dubai is focused tremendously towards his goals and a tech enthusiast, along with being a businessman. He always came out as an asset, be it in tennis, technology, or shipping, and he never stopped following his passion. He is passionate just like his father. He got inspiration to work in the shipping industry from his father, Mr. Tahir Lakhani. Not just that, he also built and tested unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) successfully.

Mr. Ali Lakhani Shipping successfully turned his hobby into a profession by solving problems in the shipping industry with drone solutions. He is serving all the UAE ports by offering surveillance and drone delivery.

Ali Lakhani DTA