Muhammad Tahir Lakhani

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani, the founder of DTA (Dubai Trading Agency), was born in April, 1962 in Pakistan. He is a globally known Business Tycoon in the Shipping recycling industry who owns British Citizenship and also an active member of the Propeller Club of the United States and Port of Monaco.

His family Proud on him

During all his life, Tahir has been a good achiever as his family also has been a good supporter to him in all his decisions. A keen sports lover, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani started making achievements in sports since his childhood. Participating in sports during his schooling, made him more professional, though he started guiding his team as well. Tahir had become a good tennis player and was honoured representing Pakistan at the Davis Cup. After acquiring the label of Davis Cup, Tahir put more efforts on his game and again surprised everyone when he played Junior Wimbledon; this was the moment which made his family proud of him.

After making all such achievements in tennis, Tahir pursued his career in business but he somehow knew that he had to conquer all knowledge & experience to become a good businessman. So, he joined one of his close friend’s shipping recycling yards in Pakistan. Although, he perfectly maintained differences between personal & professional relationships and fulfilled all his responsibilities excellently at the yard. Being a supervisor at the Shipping Recycling yard, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani monitored all movement of steel plates which were cut from vessels.

Dubai Trading Agency, A Global Recognition

After collecting enough experience during his 3 years tenure, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani decided to start his business and with the motive of a new initiative, he moved to Dubai, UAE. On the first stage he started the business to buy ships and then to sell them to the recycling yards for decommissioning. DTA (Dubai Trading Agency) is the name of his company which he founded in 1985, which eventually has been recognized globally.

In 1996, DTA concluded the purchase of three ex-Adriatic Tankers VLCC’s in international waters off the UAE and delivered them to breakers in Pakistan, which was one of the biggest ship demolition deals ever made. Thereafter, in 1997 Tahir’s endeavours were paid off when Dubai Trading Agency became the first ‘cash buyer’ of vessels to set up fully fledged operations in the UAE and was the successful shipping recycling company in the world starting buying and selling over 100 ships per year

After such a successful journey, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani Dubai moved to the UK with his family and started working to promote Shipping Industry on international platform. He worked making new connections and extended his business and became a renowned businessman worldwide in the shipping recycling Industry. Meantime, Muhammad Tahir Lakhani received the British CItizenship in 2009 but also continued to visit Dubai on a regular basis to expand the business in both volume and scale.

Muhammad Tahir Lakhani